Friday, April 22, 2016

Rendezvous June 2016

We are now confirmed - arriving Friday, June 10, departing Sunday, June 12.  Each attendee must book their own reservation with the Ganges Marina under 'FOG'. The Marina will want a credit card to reserve the spot.  The reservations must be made by May 26th or space cannot be guaranteed. If we have more than 10 boats we get a group discount, otherwise regular rates apply. ($1.35 per foot + $5 for power per night) 

We have requested that we have the 'party float'.  No guarantees but they will try to accommodate.  If weather does not cooperate, hopefully one of the larger Fishers can host the Friday night appy/social.

If there are any folks attending without a boat here are a few choices for accommodation
    Salt Spring Inn 
    The Harbour House 
    Hastings House

Friday night appys/social around 5pm on the dock.  

Saturday, the market on your own. 
A fun wine tasting at the dock around 4 pm on the float (if we have it?) 
Dinner/ AGM at the Oystercatcher at 6 pm. 

Sunday am could be coffee on the dock if the interest is there.

Here is where it is! 
Ganges Marina: maps, telephone and email 

Rendezvous 2015

A gathering of Fishers took place at Roche Harbor on June 19 - 21, 2015.  Again we were small in numbers but big in fun!

This Rendezvous included a very special event that had our members taking part in a re-naming ceremony for a 32 foot Cat Fisher (won't use the old name here, just in may remember the old boat did have her share of luck).  Not a detail was missed in this unique ceremony -

All attendees witness to the ceremony

Our Commadore reading the un-naming ceremony, all reference to the old name must be removed from the boat.

The sacrifice to Neptune and acknowledgement to the winds, North, South, East, West

  Part two the re-naming and christening!

newly named and freshly painted and polished..............

Pre-dinner songs accompanied by Steve and Nan on the Yuks 

Saturday night dinner followed by a short AGM

The warmish sunshine allowed the bravest of us to take an afternoon dip in the pool and there were many dock walks to compare vessels, Fishers and others.  A few dinghy rides and exploring the shore and resort filled in our free time. 

It's farewell for another year to this special group of Fisher folks.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

June 13 - 15, 2014 - Rendezvous Review

Despite the dreary grey skies at the start of the weekend, we managed another successful rendezvous!  We gathered at Poet's Cove in Bedwell Harbour for the annual Fisher Owners Rendezvous.  SIX boats attending - Kairos, Kipper, Puffin, Kingfisher, Katzenjammer, Sea Cat (first time rendezvous for Sea Cat, a 28' catfisher).  Arriving by land and air (without their boat) from Sausalito, California, Tony & Margaret (Fisher 37 - 'Kingfish')

Gathering on the docks Friday evening for social hour, and catching up with each other's travels and experiences over the year, and getting to know our newcomers, always lots of fun and chatter.

You may recognize some of these boats - the regular attendees....there are many more Fishers out there....where are you at rendezvous time???  Any ideas to boost interest?  date change? venue? any feedback would be appreciated.

Plans were made for a Saturday morning trip to the famous Pender Island Market.  Every bit as good as advertised, the local vendors and artists are a very talented group on this island.  A quick trip to the 'thrift shop' down the road was also very successful and may have been the highlight!  Thanks to Nan and Marilyn for organizing us.
Back into the van for the return trip to the marina......The sun is finally shining and the pool is waiting - very relaxing way to spend the rest of the afternoon, swimming and soaking in the hot tub!

 Saturday evening meal plan is dinner at the marina 'Bistro'.

After a delicous dinner we moved outside to the patio for the 'AGM'. Commodore Don chaired another interesting meeting. First on the agenda was a sing song with the ukulele music provided by Steve and Nan -  and the group each singing their personal verse of 'Foggy Foggy Dew" - proof we are a very creative and talented group.

Agenda items were;

  • new Fishers are being built again, now in Sri Lanka 
  • review  the state of the burgee, it's time to renew and redo our FOG Flag
  • Tony shared his experience and knowledge of updates/renovations on his Fisher 37
  • no scheduled meeting for fall 2014

If you have any cruising stories or good old boat stories you would like to share, please send them to the FOG group.  Any ideas for future rendezvous?

2015 - Fisher Owners Group Rendezvous - TBA

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rendezvous Review

Friday, September 13, 2013 - as the first boats were arriving at Deer Harbor we heard some very distressing news - a small sailboat was in a collision with a Washington State Ferry near Orcas Island (very near our rendezvous location in Deer Harbor)  We soon discovered the small sailboat was "Tasya" a Fisher 25!  Fortunately, skipper Jack, and his small dog were rescued, unfortunately, Tasya sank.  
 Glad you are okay Jack!

September 13 - 15 2013 at Deer Harbor, Orcas Island - The 'informal' Fisher Rendezvous -

Fishers lined up at the docks.....

Here we are looking very formal at this informal get together! This was one of the better attended Fall rendezvous - 6 boats! 
             Kipper - Fisher 30
             Puffin - Fisher 25
             Ariidae - Catfisher 32
             Kairos - Fisher 37
   Plus 2 new attendees -
             Molly Bloom - Fisher 37
             Bulldawg - Fisher 30 Northeaster

Molly Bloom - Jock, Karen and boat dog Meg

Bulldawg - Torsten
Friday evening we started with the first few people aboard Puffin (yes, 6 people can fit in a Fisher 25 salon) when the latecomers arrived, with a bigger boat, we moved to Kairos where there was plenty of room for everyone.  Lots of chatting, catching up on summer cruising adventures and eager to learn about our new attendees, Jock & Karen, and Torsten, their boats and sailing experiences.  A very successful happy/appy hour. 

For those who asked here is John's Rib recipe - generously sprinkle your favorite seasonings on the ribs, place them on an oven rack, and bake.....very low heat for a very long time - 275' - 300' for 2 or 3 or even 4 hours.  Quite easy actually, and 'Fisher' ovens work perfect for this method.  Now we schedule a lesson on lighting the antique Fisher ovens! Is it possible Karen and Sally will now be baking onboard??!!

On Saturday, thanks to Deer Harbor Marina for the use of their van, we all ventured to Eastsound for some shopping and sight seeing. We were in luck with the Saturday Market in full swing - fresh fruit, vegetables, crafts of all kinds, live music and several food stalls!

The Group at Eastsound 

In the FOG

After the fog finally lifted and the afternoon warmed up a few brave folks ventured across to the pool for a 'refreshing' swim.  

Next event was a quick happy hour on the docks before we walked to the Deer Harbor Inn for a delicious dinner - and yes we walked all the way back in the dark - thanks Claude for remembering a flashlight.


On the dock happy hour.

More fog on Sunday morning didn't  stop Ariidae from leaving early - thank goodness for radar. Commodore Don called a meeting before the rest of the group headed off.  Much discussion on the future of the group.  

What do you think?  How do we get more boats involved?  What would you like to see at future rendezvous?  
Some thoughts;  more programs (parts, systems, equipment, cruising, etc,) safety seminars, guest speakers, practice sessions (docking, anchoring, etc.).
Send along your ideas.........either via comment on this page or to Don via the Fisher organization website

Looking forward to seeing all Fisher Owners at the next rendezvous ----
Otter Bay - June 13 - 15, 2014
Poets Cove in Bedwell Harbour
June 13 - 15, 2014

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Fall Rendezvous

The 2013 Informal Fall Rendezvous -

will return to Deer Harbor, Orcas Island, WA September 13-16, 2013.
This is the Rendezvous that is simply a drop-in affair. 

There is lots of room on the docks although we have only reserved 6-8 spaces. Call and book if you want to be mention FOG for the discount. (360-376-3037)

Friday night will be potluck on the dock. We will likely go up the road to dinner at the Deer Harbor Inn on Saturday night. Come and relax with your colleagues after a great summer.

Bring neat stuff to show...repairs, equipment, photos, stories, etc.
Come if you can.

2013 June Rendezvous

Better late than never!

A recap of the June rendezvous in Friday Harbor -
Official sign, must be an official meeting!

Ariidae en route to the rendezvous

Catching up with old friends.......

always puttering and fixing and adjusting - Claude gets advise and help from Chris

Getting ready to set sail....

Did you know Nan has a direct line to the Whales

clowning around - having a whale (or salmon) of a time!

The party starts!  (oops, that should say Meeting)  

The attendees -
Ariidae - Cat Fisher 32

Iolanthe - Fisher 25

Kairos - Fisher 37

Kipper - Fisher 30
Puffin - Fisher 25 (in the background)

Kingfisher - Fisher 30

No Limits - Fisher???? wait a minute - oh ya,  Dave & Irene now have a Nordhaven 40
these former foggers are still very active in our group.
kinda looks like a fisher? maybe?
Once again everyone attending had a super time!  Friday night dinner at SJIYC was delicious, the Saturday Farmers Market fun, and our personal tour of the Whale Museum was amazing and very informative - thank you Nan.

Next date - September 13 - 15, 2013 at Deer Harbor, Orcas Island.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Rendezvous at FRIDAY HARBOUR, San Juan Island      
June 14-16, 2013

You are invited to join your fellow Foggers in Friday Harbor for our annual Rendezvous, Friday June 14 -Sunday June 16, 2013.  Reservations have been made at the Guest Dock: G.  A special rate will apply if we have 10+ boats! .  Friday Harbor is a key Customs location in the San Juans.  The town has much to offer all visitors.  There is ample accommodation on shore for those who wish to come without their boat.

  • We can go up to the San Juan Island Yacht Club for Friday night dinner.  We should be ready to get up there by 5:30 and grab a table as it gets crowded. 
  • Saturday there's the Saturday Market during the day.   
  • Saturday evening we can take command of the party float and set up a BBQ and Potluck dinner.  
  • Sunday we can hang out or move on.

You can arrange a personal tour of the Pump Out Boat!  Only $5! Just get on the list in the port office or at the G dock check in house when you arrive.  How's that for a real up close and personal tour of the pump out boat?! 

Details on Friday Harbor marina, moorage and the town may be found at  Do book your space on G dock under the FOG reservation.

Please send a note to Steve and Nan at  if you hope to attend.