Friday, April 22, 2016

Rendezvous 2015

A gathering of Fishers took place at Roche Harbor on June 19 - 21, 2015.  Again we were small in numbers but big in fun!

This Rendezvous included a very special event that had our members taking part in a re-naming ceremony for a 32 foot Cat Fisher (won't use the old name here, just in may remember the old boat did have her share of luck).  Not a detail was missed in this unique ceremony -

All attendees witness to the ceremony

Our Commadore reading the un-naming ceremony, all reference to the old name must be removed from the boat.

The sacrifice to Neptune and acknowledgement to the winds, North, South, East, West

  Part two the re-naming and christening!

newly named and freshly painted and polished..............

Pre-dinner songs accompanied by Steve and Nan on the Yuks 

Saturday night dinner followed by a short AGM

The warmish sunshine allowed the bravest of us to take an afternoon dip in the pool and there were many dock walks to compare vessels, Fishers and others.  A few dinghy rides and exploring the shore and resort filled in our free time. 

It's farewell for another year to this special group of Fisher folks.

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