Wednesday, September 25, 2019

FOG Burgee - New Design. All opinions and ideas welcome

Greetings FOG Family,

I was inspired the other day when I was visiting the marina office at Cap Sante in Anacortes. Behind the desk were several yacht club burgees which got me to thinking about our FOG Burgee and possibilities for a new design.

My idea may seem to be a little "Nationalistic". My intention is to represent North America and to stick with simple colors and contrasting colors that look great together. I encourage all to provide feedback or I will welcome any alternatives. This is a group decision. I am just hoping to get the ball roling on something for all members.

By the way I have counted over a hundred views of our BLOG postings. I am encouraged and hope that members will add comments with the postings.

Art Hebert


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  2. I combined elements of your banner above to give you a Fisher icon.

    Link to image:

    would really love to know more about Fisher, would love to own one or work on one.

    Phil, New Zealand