Monday, October 10, 2011

FOG Rendezvous Fall 2011

Once again a successful gathering of foggers.  Deer Harbor Marina was the meeting spot for the unofficial fall gathering - 4 boats, 2 US 2 Can., also attending without their boat ("Adventuress" is in Alaska) Art & Trish and former foggers George and Mary Lou.

Friday night was our famous appy evening and jovial get together aboard Ariidae followed by a bbq.

The good weather on Saturday morning lured us onto the water for an dinghy to explore the Yellow Island Nature Preserve.
Captain tomorrow with his trusty chart, just to make sure we don't get lost.

Commodore Don and Sally    "Kipper"

Organizer Claude and Kate   "Ariidae"

"Kairos" crew Steve & Nan

John & Deb 'Puffin'
On Yellow Island;   FOG naturalist (Nan) along with the island's resident steward, Phil, gave us a history of the island, the family who lived here and some insight into what life on the island was like in the early days.
Landing on the beach.
The original home
signing the guest log
the hiking crew

hiking the island

for more information on Yellow Island Nature Preserve - 

Back to the marina for a yummy lunch 'carne asada' complements of Trish & Art - thank you so much! A perfect way to end our excursion.

Serious subject - safety
Afternoon safety seminar/discussion, many stories of near misses and what if's...?? Sailing single handed, life lines, life jackets, boarding ladders (Fishers are not easily boarded from the water!), were all topics discussed.  More safety discussions in the future, we all can use a reminder.........

Next -
 Dinner at the Deer Harbor Inn where we celebrated Steve's birthday with a yummy desert.

Sunday Morning departure.............
of course the FOG rendezvous would not be complete with out ?????
you guessed it  ....  FOG

Victoria Inner Harbour Spring 2012! - see you there!