Monday, July 2, 2012

Rendezvous Victoria - June 2012

Yes! another successful gathering of Fishers.  We had a grand total of 6 boats arrive in Victoria's inner harbour in the pouring rain...proof once again that we are hardy souls, just like our boats.

Boats in attendance:
Ioslanthe - Fisher 25
Puffin - Fisher 25
Terrapin - Fisher 25
Kipper - Fisher 30
Drifter - Fisher 34
Kairos - Fisher 37

(3 Fisher 25"s ???? wow!)

Despite the weather, we went ahead with our planned tour on one of the Victoria Harbour Ferries.  Cruising up the Gorge waterway, peeking through the fog and rain on the windows to get a look at Victoria from a new perspective;  we passed shipyards, historic homes and landmarks learning about Victoria's past from our knowledgeable skipper Arnie.  The perfect end to our cruise (even if it was wet) was a stop at Fisherman's Wharf for a 'fish and chips' dinner.

Captain Arnie

Fish and chips!

More fish and chips!

Doug, Nan, Skipper, Don, Sally, Steve, Arnie
Johnson Street Bridge - soon to be history!

Saturday's weather was much nicer and we all spent time on the docks showing our boats and time in Victoria's beautiful downtown.  Richard Hudson (SV Issuma) just completed a Northwest Passage journey, our group thoroughly enjoyed his presentation at the Maritime Museum.

Interesting sight - land whales?
oops,of course the landscape art not the fogger folks!

A group of 14, including former foggers 'No Limits' attended the pot luck dinner and 'Meeting' at Commodore Don's home.  The meeting, chaired by Don, who we insist is still our leader, went as smoothly as ever, allowing new members 'Drifter' into our group with very little banter and razzing.
Welcome Doug and Liz, remember, your initiation may not be over.........

Iolanthe and Terrapin sailed out of Victoria early Sunday, as they planned to take advantage of the tides for their long journey home, the rest of us enjoyed a leisurely morning brunch before we headed out.




Iolanthe and Terrapin (left), Kairos (center) Kipper, Puffin, Drifter (right)

 random pictures from the weekend............

Drifter, Kairos, Kipper leaving Victoria

Kipper and Drifter

Kairos, Drifter, Kipper headed north.

Once again a successful weekend with fellow foggers!