Friday, October 26, 2012


While waiting for the Spring Rendezvous (Friday Harbor - San Juan Island June 14 - 16 2013)  you might enjoy a bit of history trivia for this Group!

FOG was formed in 2000 (Kairos & Kipper)

The following is a list of Rendezvous/Events the group has organized:
  • June 2001 - Roche Harbor
  • Sept 2001 - Bedwell Harbour
  • June 2002 - Friday Harbor
  • Sept 2002 - Semiahmoo
  • June 2003 - Port Sidney
  • Feb 2004 - no boat Conference in Vancouver
  • Sept 2004 - Victoria
  • Oct 2005 - Roche Harbor
  • June 2006 - Friday Harbor
  • Sept 2006 - Genoa Bay
  • June 2007 - Victoria
  • Sept 2007 - Reid Harbor
  • June 2008 - Otter Bay
  • Sept 2008 - Fisherman Bay
  • June 2009 - Deer Harbor
  • Sept 2009 - Port Sidney
  • June 2010 - Brentwood Bay
  • Sept 2010 - West Sound (OIYC)
  • June 2011 - Port Browning
  • Oct 2011 - Deer Harbor
  • June 2012 - Victoria
  • Sept 2012 - Fisherman Bay
  • June 2013 - Friday Harbor

This data comes from members who admit their memories are a bit fuzzy - if you find any errors or omissions please let me know and I will make the changes. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Commodore's Review

I must say - please be sure to read the previous post - the rendezvous report........we wouldn't want anyone to get any wrong ideas!

The following is an email received by the attendees of the rendezvous (permission to reprint was granted)

My wife and I and a large group of friends took the opportunity to partake of the unique offerings of The Hestad, an "out of the way" retreat nestled on what appears to be a genuine rural rustic home on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands.  We were as a group all staying at the Islander - one of the few resorts on this out of the way island that caters primarily to those people who have graduated from tents and are moving up.  Our group was anxious to change the scene and the surroundings and The Hestad promised so much.  

Rather than begin this piece with a description of the location and the expected fare, I shall simply tell the story of our evening embellishing some parts of the event  to provide greater understanding of our concerns and delights.

We were offered transportation to the venue by the owner George, an aimable older gentlemen who was amused when we all assembled by his van (really a truck).  There were 10 of us, all linked by a common interest and long association and it was just as well, as we were packing into the van in a very tidy way with 5 people in the back part of the "truck" and five more plus our driver George in the front.  Ten miles  later we all peeled out and surveyed our venue.  It was amazing.  Almost like a movie set ! I wonder how much time had been spent arranging the tractors and combines in a neighboring field.  Even a sheep  as part of the ambiance, an animal George advised was a dog but we were not fooled.  He called it a dog to explain why the animal was allowed in the house!  He even claimed to have sheared it himself!  Later a horse and rider and and trainer ran along the edge of the property in a perfectly timed entrance.  It was delightful.

The Hestad has several unique features.  We told that we must bring our own wine but an added feature was demanding that we bring our own food!  George and his head chef Mary Lou (who we all believe is married to him) both claimed later that by bringing our own goods we were sure not to be disappointed and if we were it would have been out own fault and would not reflect on the services offered by The Hestad.

We did enjoy our own food and while it was disconcerting to have George and Mary Lou actually join us for food and wine we accepted that it was just part of The Hestad charm.  One of my friends almost challenged them but we managed to stiffle the attack and begged our friend to relax.

The only serious issue comes down to payment.  We discovered that The Hestad uses a very circuitous approach to compensation.  When the evening was over, two cars (George called them Taxis) appeared to take us back to our resort.  It was the drivers of these vehicles who collected cash from us all avoiding receipts, Visa and checks.  This was truly a unique deviation. No one could really complain to these drivers. There was no opportunity to challenge George who was no doubt home digesting our food and even Mary Lou (if that was her real name) was smiling over the several deceptions.   And that sheep is probably still wandering around the house.

On the whole, The Hestad does offer a unique glimpse of what might be called Pacific Coast - Ozark Fusion hospitality without the handmade bourbon.  If you are given the opportunity to attend The Hestad- go but do not expect to come home unscathed.  And find friends who like the food you like!

about the "sheep"
Isn't Skipper a sheep dog?

Rendezvous September 2012

Once again there was an unorganized fall rendezvous!  The main reason for no advanced notice on the blog was the perfect cruising weather - who wants to be on a computer when you can be sailing!

The weekend was perfect for the FOG get together -


Oh Yes!!! there was FOG............

It seems the fog did not keep anyone away - we had a turnout of 5 Fishers very good representation of sizes and styles

Fisher 37

Fisher 34

Fisher 25

Cat Fisher 32

Fisher 30
Puffin, Harmony II and Kairos arrived Friday afternoon/evening,  We all climbed aboard Kairos for appy hour, lots of catching up and reminiscing.  Saturday morning sunshine made for an enjoyable walk into the village for market shopping and a stop at Holly B's famous cinnamon bun cafe/bakery - yum yum!

When we returned to the docks, Kipper and Ardaii had arrived, lots of hugs and greetings all around.  After a quick check of the time and our agenda we decide there is time to take in the Resort's amenities; off we go for  a swim and soak in the hot tub.

Food prepared and organized, rides organized - we head off to former Foggers and Lopez residents George and Mary Lou for a pot luck dinner.  

As usual the food was delicious, venue awesome, hosts charming - wonderful evening of fun with this fabulous foggy group.

 every last bite was eaten.

country charm

pre-dinner games
Sunday morning departure was very early for some - 6:30 am and Harmony II was away, Kairos next with an early start to navigate the channel before low tide.  Once again a great rendezvous, 
Fisher folk are special people.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Rendezvous Victoria - June 2012

Yes! another successful gathering of Fishers.  We had a grand total of 6 boats arrive in Victoria's inner harbour in the pouring rain...proof once again that we are hardy souls, just like our boats.

Boats in attendance:
Ioslanthe - Fisher 25
Puffin - Fisher 25
Terrapin - Fisher 25
Kipper - Fisher 30
Drifter - Fisher 34
Kairos - Fisher 37

(3 Fisher 25"s ???? wow!)

Despite the weather, we went ahead with our planned tour on one of the Victoria Harbour Ferries.  Cruising up the Gorge waterway, peeking through the fog and rain on the windows to get a look at Victoria from a new perspective;  we passed shipyards, historic homes and landmarks learning about Victoria's past from our knowledgeable skipper Arnie.  The perfect end to our cruise (even if it was wet) was a stop at Fisherman's Wharf for a 'fish and chips' dinner.

Captain Arnie

Fish and chips!

More fish and chips!

Doug, Nan, Skipper, Don, Sally, Steve, Arnie
Johnson Street Bridge - soon to be history!

Saturday's weather was much nicer and we all spent time on the docks showing our boats and time in Victoria's beautiful downtown.  Richard Hudson (SV Issuma) just completed a Northwest Passage journey, our group thoroughly enjoyed his presentation at the Maritime Museum.

Interesting sight - land whales?
oops,of course the landscape art not the fogger folks!

A group of 14, including former foggers 'No Limits' attended the pot luck dinner and 'Meeting' at Commodore Don's home.  The meeting, chaired by Don, who we insist is still our leader, went as smoothly as ever, allowing new members 'Drifter' into our group with very little banter and razzing.
Welcome Doug and Liz, remember, your initiation may not be over.........

Iolanthe and Terrapin sailed out of Victoria early Sunday, as they planned to take advantage of the tides for their long journey home, the rest of us enjoyed a leisurely morning brunch before we headed out.




Iolanthe and Terrapin (left), Kairos (center) Kipper, Puffin, Drifter (right)

 random pictures from the weekend............

Drifter, Kairos, Kipper leaving Victoria

Kipper and Drifter

Kairos, Drifter, Kipper headed north.

Once again a successful weekend with fellow foggers!

Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Rendezvous

June 22 - 24, 2012 in Victoria Inner Harbour.  FOG has reserved space at the Causeway Marina, you must book your own space within the FOG Group ---  call 250-383-8326 for reservations.

The weekend promises to be our usual fun times!  Friday evening an informal gathering on the dock, dinner (your choice) and a little harbour tour.

Saturday in Victoria - many sights and attractions to see and do in this great city.

Saturday evening a potluck dinner will follow happy hour......

Perhaps we will go out for breakfast before we say our sad goodbyes.

Book your space at the marina or, a hotel room, if you are attending without your Fisher - June 22 - 24, 2012!

See you all there!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring 2012!

Yes it's springtime again!  We all know Fishers are year 'round boats, and folks.... lets make sure we're all out on the water for this!  The FOG Rendezvous is on June 22 - 24, 2012 at the Victoria Inner Harbour (docks just in front of the Empress, check out the photo above).  The initial booking has been made, mark your calendar and make plans to be there!  Keep watching the FOG website and here.....More details to follow!