Wednesday, September 25, 2019

FOG Burgee - New Design. All opinions and ideas welcome

Greetings FOG Family,

I was inspired the other day when I was visiting the marina office at Cap Sante in Anacortes. Behind the desk were several yacht club burgees which got me to thinking about our FOG Burgee and possibilities for a new design.

My idea may seem to be a little "Nationalistic". My intention is to represent North America and to stick with simple colors and contrasting colors that look great together. I encourage all to provide feedback or I will welcome any alternatives. This is a group decision. I am just hoping to get the ball roling on something for all members.

By the way I have counted over a hundred views of our BLOG postings. I am encouraged and hope that members will add comments with the postings.

Art Hebert

Friday, September 13, 2019

September 2019 - Roche Harbor

2019 FOG Rendezvous.

The annual FOG Rendezvous was held over the weekend of 12-15 September 2019. Our venue this year was the Marina at Roche Harbor. The vessels in attendance are listed below.

• Adventurous (30 Northeaster) 1975, Anacortes, WA
 Art Hebert,

*Honu (25) Ladysmith, BC
Ulansky, Ron and Darleen,

• Kairos (37), Friday Harbor, WA
Steve and Nan Simpson,

• Kipper (30) 1976, Victoria, BC
Don and Sally Hamilton,

• Molly Bloom (37) 1978, Royal City, WA
Jock, Ali and Annie Warren,

• Scuttlebutt (31) 1986,  Point Roberts, WA
 Cedric Marsden.

•SeaCat (28 CatFisher) 1978, Anacortes, WA
Manuel Morteiro,

Boats that wanted to attend but were unable to come

• Darius (34) 1985, Port Madison, WA
Neal Nyberg,

Minutes for the meeting are below.

Discussion- where is the group going 

The FOG website will transition to this blog during the next year. Registry functions will be updated and posted annually.

How to communicate, web or blog.  Communication with group or how to share with other owners, what is going to work the best for our needs.

My plan is to post on Yahoo Fisherowners and Facebook FOG NorthAmerica whenever a new  update to the blog is created.

Cruising with other Fishers, announcements, sail plans and invites via the web or blog?

I am hoping to announce any  Fisher Flotilla's as they are being planned. If you are planning a trip with your boat and would like to go with a great group of Fishers let me know and I will post it for the group to possibly join up.

Acknowledge regrets from members not attending:  Dave and Irene, Kate and Claude, George and Mary Lou

Discussion - Money? Charge for membership?

There are currently no plans to implement a dues or membership charge.

Burgee? New design? Other logo items, hats, pillows, etc.

Even though we will not be charging a fee it would be pretty neat if we had burgees to fly while we are on the water. There will be a small up charge to help pay for the set up of burgees, hats, shirts and pillows.

Recommendation; interesting Fisher journey, “Following Farley”

There is a great video series  on You Tube. Please check out his work here

Date for next year rendezvous- August 22 - ? Possibly a cruise from marina to an anchorage. 

Stay tuned for more information.... It will be a Canadian Voyage.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

COOT, 25 Fisher 1975, FOR SALE, Washington, USA

I have decided to sell our 1975, 25 Foot Fisher Motor sailor, COOT.  I am asking $35,000.  It is in the water at the marina in Des Moines Washington. I spent 5 years on the hard in Costa Mesa, California rebuilding it - new wires, windows, cushions, varnish, caprail, Yanmar engine, paint, hardware, etc. and then moved it to Des Moines where completed it with new tanbark sails, rigging, electronics, and a diesel stove/heater.  It is lacking a head and fresh water plumbing. Family obligations have forced a move to Montana 7 years ago and the boat has been sitting in the water, with semi-annual maintenance done by CSR marine. I have a thumbdrive with extensive pictures of the rebuild and can arrange a dock visit if you are interested in seeing her in person.  Lots of work done on her but still a few projects left to revive her after 7 years of neglect!  Please email me at for more information. Thanks for your consideration.


Monday, May 13, 2019

History of FOG Rendezvous

A while back we published a list of our Rendezvous dates and locations, it is now time to update that list and add the latest events.
The beginning, way back in 2001, confirms we have been around a long time and still continue to enjoy our Fisher friends,old and new, at these fine events.

  • June 2001 - Roche Harbor
  • Sept 2001 - Bedwell Harbour
  • June 2002 - Friday Harbor
  • Sept 2002 - Semiahmoo
  • Juine 2003 - Port Sidney
  • Feb 2004 - no boat Conference in Vancouver
  • Sept 2004 - Victoria
  • Oct 2005 - Roche Harbor
  • June 2006 - Friday Harbor
  • Sept 2006 - Genoa Bay
  • June 2007 - Victoria
  • Sept 2007 - Reid Harbor
  • June 2008 - Otter Bay
  • Sept 2008 - Fisherman Bay
  • June 2009 - Deer Harbor
  • Sept 2009 - Port Sidney
  • June 2010 - Brentwood Bay
  • Sept 2010 - West Sound (OIYC)
  • June 2011 - Port Browning (10th Anniversary)
  • Oct 2011 - Deer Harbor
  • June 2012 - Victoria
  • Sept 2012 - Fisherman Bay
  • June 2013 - Friday Harbor
  • Sept 2013 - Deer Harbor
  • June 2014 - Poets Cove (Bedwell Harbour)
  • June 2015 - Roche Harbor
  • June 2016 - Ganges
  • June 2017 - Port Sidney
  • Sept 2018 - Anacortes (Cap Sante)

Reading over this list of events should bring back some terrific (and sometimes FOGGY) memories  and encourage you to plan for the next Rendezvous 
- September 2019 at Roche Harbor.   

We need your participation to keep this group alive - let's make it to our 20th Anniversary in 2021!

Rendezvous September 2018

Anacortes, Cap Sante Marina was the location of the fall rendezvous September 14 - 16, 2018

I can report that a very successful FOG Rendezvous was held with 8 boats and a fine collection of Foggers, Former Foggers and potential Foggers in attendance.  Here is a partial list (with apologies for any missing names):     
ADVENTUROUS, Art and Trish Herbert, Anacortes, WA
DANCING BEAR, George and Mary Lou Hestad, Lopez Island, WA 
HONU, Ron and Darlene Ulansky, Kamloops, BC,
KINGFISHER, Chris Boulsbee and Marilyn Campbell, Gabriola, BC
KIPPER, Don and Sally Hamilton, Victoria, BC
MOLLY BLOOM, Jock and Karen Warren, San Juan Island, WA
SCUTTLEBUTT, Ced(ric)  Marsden, Anacortes, WA
TERRAPIN, Rick and Mary Lou Hobert, Anacortes, WA
Former Foggers and Boatless Foggers: Dick Toft, Deb and John Morrow, Ken and Mele Pearce (with new twins: Abby and Zoey), Steve and Nan Simpson.

While the weather was changeable, everyone enjoyed the location, the ambiance and the food. Here are the highlights of the weekend:
-Re-discovery of the Cap Sante Marina with its huge boats and vibrant activity
-Meeting with new Foggers: Ron and Darlene Ulansky on Honu the 25 Fisher that has been rejuvenated by them
-Discovering Art Hebert and his wife Trish on their Northeaster Adventurous, and in his college classroom at the Skagit Valley Community College in Anacortes
-Meeting and greeting potential Foggers like John Thompson from Australia, and Alastair and Juli from Ontario
-Experiencing a Friday night at the Pub
-Meeting Scuttlebutt and Ced Marsden
-Savouring fresh caught crab caught and cooked by Ced.-Gathering in a huge tent out of the weather for drinks and a potluck dinner

The highlight of the whole event was experiencing some of the trauma and drama endured by Jack Gray from Port Townsend, as he shared his account of the sinking of his 25 Fisher: Tasya, five years before on Sept 13, 2013.  He was on his way to the FOG Rendezvous at Deer Harbor when he was struck and submerged by Hyak, a Washington State Ferry near the confluence of Harney and Upright channels.  The boat (and Jack) resurfaced with Jack and his dog emerging from the wreckage and rescue.  (For a full account read the Report of  the Washington State Ferry Board of Inquiry). For a copy of Jack's interview on NPR in 2016 click here
It was also a new moment in our history: the passing of the Chair (aka "Commodore") to Art Hebert from me. Art is a experienced marine engineer now with the Skagit Valley Community College in Anacortes,Wa. It was a special moment for both of us.  You will hear more about the "new" FOG in the coming months.

May you all find ways to make your Fisher part of your lives.  

Friday, June 30, 2017

Rendezvous June 2017 - Port Sidney


Port Sidney June 2 - 4 2017

Attendees -
Kipper - Don and Sally
Kingfisher - Chris and Marilyn
Molly Bloom - Jock and Karen
Harmony II - Max and Linda
Katzenjammer - Terry and June, June (sister)
without boat - Dick and Rosemary
without boat - John and Deb (Saturday afternoon only)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Rendezvous June 2016 - Ganges

Here we are! Ganges Marina June 10 - 12, 2016

7 boats in attendance;  No Limits (Nordhaven) Molly Bloom, Kipper, Harmony 11, Katzenjammer, Puffin, Daniel K (sailboat from Seattle)
This rendezvous was organized by Irene and Dave of No Limits (former owners of a Fisher 37) Thank you for your hard work on this successful gathering.  
Friday night rain stopped just in time for all to enjoy a perfect Happy Hour/ Appies/ Potluck....could be our most delicious assortment of food ever!

The HAT!  all new Fisher ball cap style hats....a must have for every fisher owner, sold out fast.  Watch for the next order.

True to tradition all sailors drifted back to their boats with lights out before dark!

Saturday was market day and sharing boat updates and modifications.....always interesting.  Saturday evening was a no host dinner at a local restaurant.  Despite the chaotic venue we were able to hold another most interesting AGM.  Thank you Commodore Don for your patience.

Early departures on Sunday morning for some hardy sailors.....until next time fellow foggers!