Wednesday, September 25, 2019

FOG Burgee - New Design. All opinions and ideas welcome

Greetings FOG Family,

I was inspired the other day when I was visiting the marina office at Cap Sante in Anacortes. Behind the desk were several yacht club burgees which got me to thinking about our FOG Burgee and possibilities for a new design.

My idea may seem to be a little "Nationalistic". My intention is to represent North America and to stick with simple colors and contrasting colors that look great together. I encourage all to provide feedback or I will welcome any alternatives. This is a group decision. I am just hoping to get the ball roling on something for all members.

By the way I have counted over a hundred views of our BLOG postings. I am encouraged and hope that members will add comments with the postings.

Art Hebert


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  2. I combined elements of your banner above to give you a Fisher icon.

    Link to image:

    would really love to know more about Fisher, would love to own one or work on one.

    Phil, New Zealand

  3. the logo should be more including, there are fishers all over the Americas on both coasts, as well as central America and the caribean.

  4. Looks great. Instead of a pointy end, could it be curved as in a lateral view of the distinct aft end? ).