Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rendezvous Review

Friday, September 13, 2013 - as the first boats were arriving at Deer Harbor we heard some very distressing news - a small sailboat was in a collision with a Washington State Ferry near Orcas Island (very near our rendezvous location in Deer Harbor)  We soon discovered the small sailboat was "Tasya" a Fisher 25!  Fortunately, skipper Jack, and his small dog were rescued, unfortunately, Tasya sank.  
 Glad you are okay Jack!

September 13 - 15 2013 at Deer Harbor, Orcas Island - The 'informal' Fisher Rendezvous -

Fishers lined up at the docks.....

Here we are looking very formal at this informal get together! This was one of the better attended Fall rendezvous - 6 boats! 
             Kipper - Fisher 30
             Puffin - Fisher 25
             Ariidae - Catfisher 32
             Kairos - Fisher 37
   Plus 2 new attendees -
             Molly Bloom - Fisher 37
             Bulldawg - Fisher 30 Northeaster

Molly Bloom - Jock, Karen and boat dog Meg

Bulldawg - Torsten
Friday evening we started with the first few people aboard Puffin (yes, 6 people can fit in a Fisher 25 salon) when the latecomers arrived, with a bigger boat, we moved to Kairos where there was plenty of room for everyone.  Lots of chatting, catching up on summer cruising adventures and eager to learn about our new attendees, Jock & Karen, and Torsten, their boats and sailing experiences.  A very successful happy/appy hour. 

For those who asked here is John's Rib recipe - generously sprinkle your favorite seasonings on the ribs, place them on an oven rack, and bake.....very low heat for a very long time - 275' - 300' for 2 or 3 or even 4 hours.  Quite easy actually, and 'Fisher' ovens work perfect for this method.  Now we schedule a lesson on lighting the antique Fisher ovens! Is it possible Karen and Sally will now be baking onboard??!!

On Saturday, thanks to Deer Harbor Marina for the use of their van, we all ventured to Eastsound for some shopping and sight seeing. We were in luck with the Saturday Market in full swing - fresh fruit, vegetables, crafts of all kinds, live music and several food stalls!

The Group at Eastsound 

In the FOG

After the fog finally lifted and the afternoon warmed up a few brave folks ventured across to the pool for a 'refreshing' swim.  

Next event was a quick happy hour on the docks before we walked to the Deer Harbor Inn for a delicious dinner - and yes we walked all the way back in the dark - thanks Claude for remembering a flashlight.


On the dock happy hour.

More fog on Sunday morning didn't  stop Ariidae from leaving early - thank goodness for radar. Commodore Don called a meeting before the rest of the group headed off.  Much discussion on the future of the group.  

What do you think?  How do we get more boats involved?  What would you like to see at future rendezvous?  
Some thoughts;  more programs (parts, systems, equipment, cruising, etc,) safety seminars, guest speakers, practice sessions (docking, anchoring, etc.).
Send along your ideas.........either via comment on this page or to Don via the Fisher organization website

Looking forward to seeing all Fisher Owners at the next rendezvous ----
Otter Bay - June 13 - 15, 2014
Poets Cove in Bedwell Harbour
June 13 - 15, 2014